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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Shipping Questions:

    When will my order ship?

    • We try to get all orders out the same day they are placed. The cut off for same day shipping is 1pm PST & we don’t ship on Sundays or Federal Holidays when the Post Office is Closed.

     NOTE: If you are placing an order after 1pm PST on a Saturday & pay for overnight shipping or 2nd day air shipping, your order WILL NOT go out until Monday. 

    I paid for expedited shipping but my package did not arrive when it was supposed to.

    • We cannot control the 3rd party shippers. They will give you an expected time frame for delivery however they never guarantee arrival on a specific date, not even for overnight shipping. If there are delays of any kind, it is not us. Our #1 priority is to get your order out as quickly as possible in the hopes it arrives quickly but we can’t control the 3rd party shippers once it's in their hands. 
    • Please reach out and email us if you have issues though, we do like to try and help if we can. 

    What if I want to make an order but need to make sure it arrives by a certain date?

    • You can always email us at sales@mavericktattoomercantile.com and let us know if you have an event or something coming up where you need your order prior to. We will do our ABSOLUTE BEST to try and make sure it gets to you by that date but again, please understand we can’t control every aspect of your package while in transit. 

    I really need my order to get shipped today but it’s already 1pm PST! What should I do?

    • Please email us immediately sales@mavericktattoomercantile.com and we will try our best to work with you on this. 
    • You can also call or text (702) 767-2005 if that is easier for you.

    I just placed my order but I ordered the wrong product by accident. What should I do?

    • No need to worry! We are typically able to fix any issues as long as you reach out immediately. We don’t ship orders out until 1pm PST each day so we have some time to fix any issues that may have occurred during your order. We always try to work something out with you if the order has already been shipped. Don’t hesitate to ask!

    What if my package is lost or stolen?

    • Please know we ARE SO SORRY and we hate when this happens. Oftentimes you can call or email us and we will do our best to try and help you out. Sometimes the 3rd party shipper can deliver it to the wrong place in a business location so check with your neighbors. Other times, it's in an area designated for packages in your building, if it says delivered to “Parcel Locker '' or something of that nature. 
    • We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. But, we want to try and help you, so please let us know so we can see if there's anything we can do. 

    What if I’m outside of the United States will you ship Internationally?

    • The answer is YES! But there are so many rules for shipping internationally, sometimes shipments can get hung up when going through customs. 
    • Please be aware that you are responsible for any import fees your country may have.

    Local Pick up / Delivery Questions (Las Vegas,NV):

    Can I pick up my order if I'm Local to the Las Vegas area? 

    • YES. Save on shipping if you're in the Las Vegas area and pick your order up at our current partnered official PICK UP location, Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery 6020 W. Flamingo Suite B2 Las Vegas, NV 89103 from 12-8pm 7 days a week.

    NOTE: Please refer to the items below for pick up questions 

    📍 When will my order be ready?

    We're stoked that you're excited for your order. If you place your order before 2PM we will have it ready to go at Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery the same day (expect Sundays).  

    Make sure to check operating hours for Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery prior to picking up your order.

    If your order is placed after 2pm on Saturday you will not have your order ready for pick up until Monday afternoon.

    NOTE: Please wait for the 'ready for pick up' email that will tell you when your order is ready to be picked up. If you don't wait for the email then we can't guarantee that your order is ready to be picked up.

    📍 How do I choose local pick up for my order?   We got you! When you're checking out- under delivery click PICK UP instead of SHIP. ⬇️

    📍 Where do I pick up my order?

    We love our locals so we make sure to have your order ready for pick up right in the center of Vegas @ Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery.

    📍 The address is:

    Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery 

    6020 W Flamingo Road B2

    Las Vegas, NV 89103 

    📍 Will you bend the rules for ME? 

    If you need special accommodations for your order / or need it by a certain time, please email us: sales@mavericktattoomercantile.com 

    We will try our best to work with you on what you need! 

    Things to keep in mind when placing your order:

    • Double check your shipping address. Please make sure your city/state matches the zip code. If you are shipping an item to a suite or apartment please make sure to include the suite / apt number to avoid confusion. Most people will typically include their complex name but fail to include the suite number which results in a package not being delivered. 
    • If you need any changes made to your order please contact us immediately and we will do all that we can to make sure we correct this issue before the order goes out. 
    • When placing your order, always include your email address to make sure that you get the order confirmation / tracking information.
    • Once you receive your order confirmation always double check the items in the order. Sometimes when you are using the app, your cart will save over time as you shop and items might be ordered that you didn’t intend on ordering. All orders go out the same day at 1pm PST (except sundays/holidays), so if you let us know there is a mistake beforehand, we will be able to fix this for you.

    Issues with Product Questions:

    I had issues with an order. What should I do?

    • If you are having issues with your order and/or had an issue with the product, please reach out to us immediately by emailing sales@mavericktattoomercantile.com or calling or sending a text to (702) 767-2005. We welcome ALL feedback! If you weren't happy with any part of your order please let us know and we will do all that we can to make it right. 

    Your FEEDBACK is so valuable to us! Whether we are crushing it, or messing up. We need to know this, and can only get that from you 🫣 

    Wholesale Questions:

    Do you offer wholesale opportunities?

    •  YES! Only on certain products at the moment. Please email: Sales@mavericktattoomercantile.com "ATTENTION WHOLESALE" in the subject line.

    Product Questions:

    Will these cartridges work for all tattoo pens?

    • Maverick Supply Co.  cartridges are  compatible with most popular "Pen" Tattoo Machines and cartridge equipped tubes. Please be aware of the brand of machine you are using and confirm they do not use a proprietary cartridge system (which is rare but can happen, this means the cartridge is specific to the manufacturer of that particular machine) 

    I’m new to Maverick Products or I’m not sure what cartridges to buy?

    • Email us or message us through the site! We are quick to respond and can answer any questions you may have specific to cartridge sizes, use of a cartridge type, open vs. closed, flat, curved, tight, loose, etc. (there are also specs of our carts on each product page)

    General Questions:

    How do I submit a nomination for the GIVE BACK program? 

    • It's easy! Just email Sales@mavericktattoomercantile.com with "Nomination" in the subject line and tell us about who you would like to nominate and how they help your kids or community!

    How do I get Free Stickers? 

    • This is limited to 2 per individual and don't forget to tag us when you place it somewhere! #MaverickSupplyCo just email Sales@mavericktattoomercantile and put "Sticker" in the subject line. Include the address to mail them to and tell us a little bit about yourself. 

    Return Policy/Questions:

    Can I return Cartridges I purchased if they are not used? 

    • Returns are accepted on a case to case basis. If you receive an item and the product has a manufacturer's defect please contact us immediately by sending an email to sales@mavericktattoomercantile.com with "Defect" in the subject line. 

    Include the brand of machine you use and give us the lot # listed on the box. If you can send any photos or videos of the issue that is also extremely helpful. Our error rate is low with our products but it can happen from time to time so your feedback is valuable in helping us resolve the issue.

    We may request you send back the unused defective product (do not throw them away). In the event we confirm the product is defective, store credit for the amount purchased will be provided. 

    Can I return the clothing I purchased?  

    • If you purchase some of our clothing and it does not fit we will accept returns for store credit within 7 days of receipt of your purchase so long as it is unworn. Please email sales@mavericktattoomercantile.com with "Return" in the subject line.



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