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    Born: Houston, TX
    Yo! I was Born in Houston, TX and raised in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. I've been an artist and entrepreneur since a youngster. At 19 yrs old I started my tattoo apprenticeship with an amazing artist and mentor Dave Lougue in early 2000. Living in Las Vegas always lead to late nights at the shop and crazy conversations with tourists and interesting locals. My 20s were a blur, lol. I quickly learned how to thicken my skin and be a well a rounded illustrator. Tattooing become my life. I spent 6-7 days a week obsessing over being the best tattooer I could be. After seeing the old school ways of client/tattooer relations, I set out to build my own vision of a bright fun and professional environment for tattooers and clients to come together. Today I own Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery, just 2 miles off the Las Vegas Blvd. with my family. Next year in 2023 we will be celebrating 21 years in business and I could not be happier with the amazing crew of artists and managing team members we have in our shop. Biz is good. During the COVID shutdown I was able to focus on building Maverick Supply Co., an Artist focused brand bringing me a fresh perspective on an industry I’ve given so much of my life to. It’s been nothing but fun and has brought a new love and understanding for the tattooing community. I greatly appreciate all of the new friends I’ve made along with re-connecting with old homies from past conventions and travels.

    Born: Salinas, CA
    Hey Maverick Family!! You might not know much about me because I'm usually behind the scenes fulfilling orders and developing content, but I guess it's time to finally introduce myself. My name is Kennedy & I am California born and raised but moved to Vegas a few years ago right as I turned 21 (shots! shots!shots!). I went from the beach to the desert in a matter of hours, not sure if it was the right choice considering this heat but here I am! I have a degree in Psychology which to me just means I love understanding why we feel/act the way we do & pretty much all things people. Back in 2019 I joined the family and have been watching Maverick grow since it was literally just an idea. My favorite memories are fixing the tape dispenser when the tape would get stuck to itself so we could rush out our 5 orders that would take us so long to do- if only you all knew how far we have come. This business has grown fast, we now have a whole community of support- ALL OF YOU! 
    This community is open to criticism, support, and love! We are a family BTS & always strive to make you feel a part of it. We try our hardest to provide you with an experience when you get your package. Something Maverick has taught me is that sometimes you really do have to start from the bottom to create something amazing!