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    You start to feel real old when you realize the age of your shop can legally drink! I could not have imagined the twist and turns life would take me opening up our shop back in 2003. Being a young tattooer, in love with the craft, enjoying creating an environment for artists to have fun, work hard, and make a good living was all my family and I strived for.  
    There were some difficult times, tough lessons, and moments that truly humbled me.  The evolutions, peaks and valleys, along with a constantly changing environment of not only the tattooing industry itself but also our City, Las Vegas. I learned to stay on my toes and always look towards the positive because there’s a silver lining in every obstacle and celebration for every win. 
    If I could go back and teach my 23 year old self one thing, it would be to enjoy the ride, and soak in those moments that make you feel lucky to be on this earth. I’m thankful for my family and those that I have encountered along the way, the span of years I spent traveling the US doing conventions was one I’ll save for my future memoirs (I got some damn good stories!). 
    If I never said it, for those of you that I’ve met throughout the years, please know I’m thankful to have worked along side you, to share a few laughs, maybe even some difficult conversations. I grew into the man that I am today because of tattooing and the people in this industry, and I’m going to say that I’m damn proud of the person staring back at me in the mirror (even if my hairline is doing some weird shit these days!). 
    Here’s to 21+ years and counting, my first relationship was Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery, and I’m happy to report we are still together, just as in love as the first day we opened our doors. To an industry where you are always a student, learning from the generations coming up, and the generations going out. 
    I love you.

    What's the Proper Way to Dispose of Tattoo Shop Sharps Containers?

    tattoo supply

    Hey Maverick Fam! 

    I know that most of you are veterans out there in the tattoo community, but wanted to make sure we providing content that is all encompassing in the tattooing world.

     Disposing of your contaminated products is important, especially in a clean, sterile, and secure way. Cartridge needles for example, should always be disposed of using a sharps container. I know there are new products coming out from some amazing tattooer supported companies that will be more function friendly than the traditional red container. Keep your eyes out! We are also working on some designs! 

    Here are some proper procedures for the disposal of sharps containers to ensure the safe and responsible management of used needles and other sharps. Checkout the typical process below for disposing of a sharps container:

    1. Secure and Seal the Container: When your sharps container reaches the full line, make sure to seal it up tight! It should be closed tightly and not easy to open- safety first! 

    2. Label the Container: Don't forget to slap a label on that sharps container! Stick on a "Biohazard" tag or whatever warning symbols fit the bill. Labels make sure it's handled safely when it's time to store it for proper pickup.

    3. Follow Local Regulations: Check with your local health department or relevant regulatory agency for specific guidelines and regulations regarding sharps disposal. Guidelines and rules can differ depending on where you are, so it's crucial to play by the local book and follow their requirements. Better safe than sorry!

    4. Contact a Medical Waste Disposal Service:  Professional Tattoo artists, don't just toss full sharps containers into the regular trash – that's a no-go! Reach out to a licensed medical waste disposal service or a biomedical waste disposal company. These folks are pros at handling and getting rid of medical and biohazardous waste in a way that's safe and meets all the regulations. Keep it clean and proper!

    5. Arrange for Pickup/Drop-Off: Coordinate with the medical waste disposal service to schedule either pickup or drop-off of the full sharps container. The disposal company will transport the container to a facility specificly designed for the safe disposal of medical waste.

    6. Keep Records: Maintain records of your sharps disposal, including the dates when containers were filled and disposed of, as well as any relevant documentation required by your local health department or regulatory authority.

    It’s essential to handle and dispose of sharps containers responsibly to prevent the risk of injuries and the potential spread of infections. Tattoo artists must be aware of and adhere to local regulations regarding medical waste disposal to ensure the safety of themselves, their clients, and the environment.

    For more helpful articles like this and other fun ones about tattooers in the community please subscribe to our news letter! 

    Tattoo Aftercare: The Must Have Ingredients:

    Tattoo Aftercare: The Must Have Ingredients:

    Ever wonder what's in Tattoo aftercare products? There's a lot of info and different ingredients in various different types of aftercare. Theres Vegan Friendly, all Natural, Organic, and Petroleum based. Maybe even a combination of some of these that align with a company's marketing strategy.
    Trying to find the right one is difficult, and often times we find ourselves being a creature of habit (using something because we always have) or simply because we like the touch, feel, and result of actually using it. It's definitely a bonus when it also aligns with our own personal value system.  
    At Maverick we really like organic and all natural based products and there are so many plants and different types of natural products that help with making your tattoo not only look bright and moisturized, but feel great too. 
    Most Aftercare products typically contain a variety of ingredients that help promote healing, prevent infection, and maintain the appearance of the tattoo. While specific formulations can vary between products and brands, here are some popular ingredients commonly found in tattoo aftercare products:


    1. Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter:

      • Shea butter is known for its moisturizing properties. It helps in nourishing the skin, while healing and reducing any inflammation as well.
    2. Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil:

      • Sunflower seed oil is a lightweight oil that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It helps in moisturizing the skin and supporting its natural barrier function. The anti-inflammatory properties also help with soothing any irritated or damaged skin. That alone is a key ingredient when choosing your aftercare product.  
    3. Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil:

      • Coconut oil is well-known for its moisturizing and antibacterial properties. It helps in hydrating the skin, reducing inflammation, and supporting the skin's natural healing process!
    4. Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Wax:

      • Sunflower seed wax helps in creating a protective barrier on the skin, preventing moisture loss and supporting the healing process. The wax helps with contributing to the overall texture and stability of the product.
    5. Cetyl Palmitate:

      • Cetyl palmitate enhances the texture of the product, making it easy to apply. Cetyl palmitate contributes to the overall skin-feel of the aftercare product.      
    6. Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax:

      • Candelilla wax is a plant-based wax that adds texture and stability to the product. It contributes to the product's thickness and even helps in creating a protective layer on the skin!
    7. Tocopherol:

      • Tocopherol is a form of vitamin E, known for its antioxidant properties. It helps in protecting the skin from stress, supporting skin healing, and maintaining the stability of the product.
    8. Vetiveria Zizanoides Root Oil:

      • Vetiver oil is often used for its calming and grounding properties. It can also contribute to a soothing and relaxing experience. 
    9. Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil:

      • Peppermint oil is known for its refreshing and cooling sensation. It can provide a soothing effect on the skin.
    10. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract:

      • Aloe vera is popular for it's soothing and moisturizing properties. It helps in reducing inflammation, promoting wound healing, and providing a cooling sensation on the skin.
    11. Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract:

      • Chamomile extract is known for its anti-inflammatory and calming properties. It can help in soothing irritated skin and promoting overall skin health.

    Basically the ingredients above are like a superhero squad for your aftercare. They bring in moisture, southing properties, and antioxidants! Your skin will be all around nourished. Like seriously, who DOESN'T want that? Not only does it help with all of that, but with the natural ingredients your skin will definitely be thanking you.

    Seeing Eye-to-Eye: 10 Ways to Handle Tattoo Eye Strain


    Hey Maverick Family! 💗
    Let's talk vision👓... pretty important stuff, ESPECIALLY in the business of tattooing, your 👀 are part of the money making process!
    As with any job, when you're fixated on something in close proximity for hours at a time, your eyes are definitely straining. Whether it's staring at a screen, having a good read, or in our case, creating gorgeous tattoos- our peepers 👀 take a HIT!
    We've all had those moments- leaning in close, giving our clients that personal touch, and zoning in on one spot for what feels like ages (see photo). But guess what? It's doing a number on our eyes, more than we might realize. If you've been in the industry for a while you might even already see the effects of this! Keep on reading to see how you can help your eyes before the strain takes over! ☟☟☟

    1. Follow the 20-20-20 Rule: Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break, and focus on something at least 20 feet away. This helps reduce eye fatigue and strain.

    2. Adjust Your IPad Placement: Position your IPad about an arm's length away from your eyes. Avoid tilting the screen too far up or down.

    3. Proper Lighting In work space: Use indirect, even lighting that eliminates glare and harsh contrasts. Position your work space so that natural light doesn't create glare on your screen. Natural light is pure healthy happiness, if possible!

    4. Anti-Glare Screens: Consider using an anti-glare screen protector on your Ipad to reduce reflections and glare. Drawing on Paper is an option to lighten eye strain.

    5. Blink Regularly: Blink frequently to keep your eyes moist. Extended  time focusing on that needle can reduce blinking, leading to dry eyes. You can use eye drops if needed.

    6. Eye Exercises: Perform simple eye exercises like rolling your eyes, focusing on near and far objects, or gently massaging your temples to relieve eye tension.

    7. Ergonomic Setup: Ensure your workstation is ergonomically designed. Your arm rest, work station, and chair should be adjusted to promote a comfortable posture and reduce neck and eye strain.

    8. Take Regular Breaks: Schedule short, frequent breaks to rest your eyes and stretch your body. Walk around and get some fresh air if possible.

    9. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to keep your body and eyes hydrated. Dehydration can contribute to dry eyes.

    10. Regular Eye Exams: Schedule regular eye exams with an optometrist or ophthalmologist to monitor your eye health and address any vision issues.

    And remember- prioritizing your eye health and using the tips above can help alleviate some of this strain that you are putting on your eyes..especially during  full day sessions!
    Make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter for more helpful tips! 💌

    Local Spotlight Artist

    Local Spotlight Artist

    Josh Sutcliffe 

    Ah, February... the month of LOVE 💗! What a better way to kick off the month of February than to show some love to one of our local artists. Josh tattoos at Studio 21 Tattoo here in Las Vegas and has been tattooing for quite some time now!

    Fun Fact about Josh, he did his tattoo apprenticeship while being on a National TV show called "Inked". It was also the first tattoo shop in Las Vegas to get permitted to be housed inside a Casino, which helped pave the way for other tattoo shops to be opened on the West Side of the Las Vegas Strip (Thanks Carey Hart and Partners!).  

    If you ever meet Josh, grab a drink, sit down and visit, he's got some pretty fun stories! He is truly a kind and magnetic human being. 

     Tell us about yourself? Where can we find you/ Social media @'s?

    I am a Las Vegas native that loves to surf. I grew up near the beach in the summers and fell in love with the ocean. That's where I feel most natural but still love the desert and mountains. Obviously a huge outdoors person and am passionate about exercising and cooking. I spend most of my time drawing, painting and tattooing. Two of the most important things to me is to travel and listen to music. That is my medicine. I am a lover of life and am always in awe of how we exist on a ball floating through space.

    What do you love about Maverick? 

    I love that maverick is tattooer owned and operated. I think the eco-friendly route that has been taken with all of the supplies is great too!

    What are your favorite groupings /or Maverick supplies you use while tattooing?

    So far the 35 curved mag has been delightful. (These are some samples Josh tried that we have coming soon 😉). But pretty much everything I have used needle-wise has been great! Also the sticker labels, razors, bottle bag covers are pretty cool to use.

    The penguin is the Maverick founder's spirit animal. What's your spirit animal and why?

    My spirit animal is a bird. no specific type. I've always been in love with the idea that birds get to fly around above everything else and it just seems so peaceful, especially by the beach.

    Can you describe your first tattoo experience? How old were you? What was it of? Who was the artist? 

    My first tattoo experience consisted of my mom taking me to some guys house in Mesa, Arizona. I was probably 16-17 years of age and I wanted to get the Pennywise PW logo on my calf. This was a birthday present, we got there and the guy said he didn't do band logos and that I was going to regret it as I got older. So I picked something out of his book of flash. It was a 3d tribal design. Not sure who the artist was but I still want my pennywise logo haha

    Top 3 artists you admire? Can you give us a brief description?

    -Steve Moore out of Canada- full color full body suits with a very unique approach to the way he draws his artwork.

    -Jeff Gogue out of Oregon. Lots of fun Japanese style designs. Mostly large scale.

    -Aaron Della Vedova out of San Diego. Also large scale color pieces. his artwork is hard to explain.

    What are some funny tattoo moments you have?

    I have ton but a few are me tattooing a guy and then he throws up and shits his pants at the same time. I didn't realize my nose was running one tattoo and it dripped on this clients arm. The client had a quick freak out reaction but didn't say anything and pretended it didn't happen. It was super hard not to laugh out loud.

    If you were to choose a band to describe your artwork, which band would you choose and why? 

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers because they started off not really being that good when they were younger but weres so passionate about their craft that they kept doing cause it made them feel good and made other people feel good.  As they kept at it, their music got better and better and that's how I feel about my art.

    If you were to win 'best tattooer in the world' who would you thank and why? 

    I would start off by thanking Carey and my cousin Jason who went to high school with Carey and was the first manager at HnH. That's how I got the job there, and from there I would thank Ben Corn for getting me started in an apprenticeship for tattooing that led to being taken over by Thomas Pendleton and then finished off with Twig. Also Clark North was a huge help and influence on me. Those were the primary people and mentors that I would say thank you too that I wouldn't be tattooing today if it weren't for them. Also my family and friends for supporting me for the last 20 years of my career.

    Secret hidden talent? What is it?

    Being able to do math in my head on percentage conversions in groups of 10 very easily.

    What is your kryptonite? 

    Lately it has been sweets. Especially with the holidays just passing. But on an overall scale of life, probably women.

    Any person or animal that you would like to change places with for the day? 

    I would love to trade places with a bird for a day. I know they have their problems too like predators and such but the idea of flying around birds eye view sounds amazing.

    What book or movie would you say everyone should read or watch? Why would you choose that specific one? 

    I would say everyone should read a new earth and/or a power of now. These books really teach you how to kill your ego and to live in the moment. Very eye opening. Also the four agreements,  not taking anything personally and not making assumptions. Just two of the four but those two are the most powerful in my opinion.

    What state are you located in? What do you love most about where you live and why? 

    In Las Vegas, NV. I love living here because we are central to the beach and mountains. Everything is just a few hours away. We are spoiled with the convenience that we can get whatever we went whenever we want as the city is always open. We get a bunch of great music coming through and now we have sports. But also cause my family lives here.

    What is something weird you do before bedtime? 

    Scroll on my phone. Although normal now a days, it's something I don't like and is weird to me that its a thing we do.

    What would you say is the best way to deal with stress that the busy tattoo life can bring on?

    The best way to deal with tattoo stress and any stress is doing hot yoga and yin classes. These make you really focus on your breath work which relaxes you which then carries over into tattooing. Deep long slowly breathing will heal anything and anyone in any situation.

    Do you have a moment that changed your life? Do you mind sharing? 

    A moment that changed my life was getting a job at Hart & Huntington tattoo co. It's Carey Harts' shop that opened in 2004 in the Palms Hotel. We had a T.V. show on A&E that blew up and was a big deal at the time. I was apprenticing at the time and long story short, it was the start of my career and got me to where I'm at today.

    Who is the most unique client you've ever met? 

    I honestly couldn't pick one client! I have met so many different awesome and unique people that not specifically one person can out more than another.

    Does the constant pressure and challenge of having to promote yourself on social media exhaust you or is it second nature? 

    It's right in the middle for me. I like filming and editing, I enjoy being on camera but it's a lot of work and I actually go out of my way to balance it so I don't get burnt out on it.

    Do YOU have anything in common with Josh? Let us know 💭

    & Don't forget to keep up with Josh ⬇️

    IG: @fitz_tattoo

    FB: @ Joshua Sutcliffe