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    ⬇️ Check out an exclusive interview with Chance Gomez ⬇️

    Is this your first solo art show? 

    It is not haha. But the last one I had was around 2008 so it’s been a hot minute. 

    Any specific motivation behind taking on this body of work?

    I love to show people what I do. If my paintings can bring people some happiness or any type of emotion, then I feel I did my job. When my buddy Frank opened up Screaming Demon Art Gallery and asked me if I’d like to be a part I already had 20 paintings ready to go for him to put up collectively so when he asked if I wanted to do a solo show the answer was obvious. I feel very humble to be in there with some amazing artists. I look at it like this … some people run marathons, some people protest in the streets … I paint and tattoo. It’s what I can add to this world. So whenever an opportunity comes to do something like this I’m always gonna take it. 

    You're a very talented artist that seems to have attacked and executed so many styles of tattooing so well including Black and Grey, American Traditional, along with Traditional Japanese. Are you focusing on one particular genre and or medium used in this show?

    It’s true I have done a lot of different styles respectfully but in recent years have really fallen in love over and over again with the Asian/Japanese style. This show will be 100% in Japanese style including some sumi-e (ink and brushstroke) that I got into and studied during the pandemic. There will also be tattoo flash paintings and acrylic paintings as far as mediums go. 

    With as busy of a schedule you have with not only tattooing, but family, business owner and being a husband, How'd ya seem to find time to execute this project? 
    That’s a great question haha! I’m a very disciplined person I realize. When I set my mind to do something I’m gonna figure out a way to persevere through. I’m not ever willing to sacrifice time with my family so that wasn’t an option. Honestly I set a goal of two paintings a week and I stopped scrolling social media and playing video games for a few months and got it done. It’s amazing how much time you have when you cut out all the bullshit haha. 
    You're a very talented artist that seems to have attacked and executed so many styles of tattooing so well.
    I appreciate that buddy. You are as well! I’m just a dude doing my thing. I wanna keep learning and growing indefinitely. I see it like this .. we’re all climbing this mountain. Some people have stopped because they think they’re at the top (but they’re obviously not). Others have turned around and started climbing back down because it’s to hard. Me, I’m just cruising along climbing a little bit every day. Is there a top? Probably not but I’ve realized that doesn’t matter. It’s all about the journey.