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    Side Hustle x Turk

    Side Hustle x Turk

    Side Hustle x Katie Nowicki

    Side Hustle x Katie Nowicki



    Happy New Year Maverick family! 🥂 Hope you all had a safe holiday and enjoying the first days of 2023. Nothing like breathing in a fresh new year! To start this year off right let us introduce you to our January SideHustle, Katie Nowicki!

    BTW… Have you guys been loving these side hustles as much as me?! Let us know in the comments on our blog! We would love to hear👂🏼from you. 

    Katie tattoos at Ironhorse Tattoo Collective in Worcester, Massachusetts and is a natural talent in all art forms. Her main side hustle is stained glass work and from her portfolio, SHE. IS. GIFTED. 

    This month we are raffling off this gorgeous stained glass half Hannya Mask created by Katie herself. I may be a tad bit biased, but it is SO ATTRACTIVE 😍 especially in person! 

    Start the new year off with some luck and make sure to purchase a raffle ticket for the chance to score BIG time- Be sure to check out other work done by Katie linked below and keep reading to learn more about how Katie got into staining glass. 


    Size: 10x5.5 inches


    Where do you tattoo? Ironhorse Tattoo Collective in Worcester, Massachusetts

    What’s your SIDE HUSTLE? Stained glass, but not the kind your granny makes.

    How’d you get into your side hustle? I needed a new way to express myself. I love tattooing and drawing/painting, but I wanted a new creative outlet that didn’t involve much of what I do everyday and I still could create designs and make them into something beautiful.

    How do you find time to work on your side hustle after tattooing/drawing/running Social media and all the other tasks we have as tattooers? Some weeks are harder than others, depending on the workload  or if there is a convention coming up. But I tend to find time in the early mornings. On days off, if nothing else is going on, I could sit in my studio all day just cutting, breaking and grinding. 

    You think it’s important for tattooers to have other creative outlets? Absolutely! As tattooers, we are constantly creating, but it's not always for ourselves. It's also a job—a cool job, but it is a job. Having another way to create has helped me through those burnout stages we ebb and flow through. I find myself creating better tattoos, simply because I've oiled my creative gears to think differently. 

    Do you have a creative outlet that you’d rather not turn into a hustle? Something just for YOU that helps you escape or relax? I don’t know if this would be considered one, but every Christmas I make cookies and tend to get way too involved in painting them. I've made cookie portraits of everyone from O.D.B to Dolly Parton and have been told I should sell them. But, honestly I just enjoy laughing at and eating them. 

    Do you have a bigger picture or a vision of where your side hustle could take you? My end goal, since I started cutting glass, has been window installations. I grew up in a Catholic church, which was the most gorgeous in my small town. It was almost like a mini Sistine Chapel. So not only was I surrounded by the beautiful  paintings all over the ceiling, I had massive windows with so many stories to be told around me. I would stare at them during sermons and get lost. So I dream of a 10’x8’ window installations often.

    Any Advice for Tattooers that are interested in building up a new SIDE HUSTLE? Just do it! We are all more than tattooers, we are artists. Create, Rinse, Repeat.

    Shoutouts? First and foremost my girl Angela Wood @sweetandoffbeat for nominating me.  My creative best friend who always pushes me and supports me more than anyone, Meghan Dube @abby.rose.ceramics

    And there are a thousand more people I could thank, but I'll save the 5 min speech for my Emmy. 

    Inspirational or funny Quotes?

    Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things George Carlin

    Random knowledge drops/closing statements?

    Getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new can be scary. But it's in these moments of vulnerability that we find ourselves, our true selves. Don’t be scared of the unknown, embrace that shit. None of us would be here if we didn’t take a fucking leap. Much love and keep on chooglin'!


    WEBSITE? katienowicki.com/bigsassglass

    INSTAGRAM? @bigsassglass (glass account) @katienowicki (tattoo account)


    WEBSITE: https://www.katienowicki.com 




    Side Hustle x Tom Haubrick

    Side Hustle x Tom Haubrick

    In the season of giving, we need to stop gatekeeping and start sharing our secret to amazing art! Tom Haubrick is our side hustle artist feature of THIS month and YOU. CAN’T. MISS. THIS. While he regularly tattoos at Big Trouble Tattoo, I think the only one who will be in big trouble is ME if I don’t share his @’s! He has been drawing most of his life and has been painting for roughly 20 years. He has had his fair share of side hustles throughout his life, including pottery, comic books, and all things art. While we are all guilty of our phone being in our hands 24/7, let’s take some advice from the one and only Tom Haubrick.. “Put down your phone and draw something!”--

    Website: https://www.tomhaubrick.com/

    This month we are raffling off some amazing pieces from Tom! If you would like to be entered to win these items please purchase a raffle ticket featured on our website or click HERE.


    Where do you tattoo?     

    I tattoo at Big Trouble Tattoo. 

    What’s your SIDE HUSTLE?

    Besides tattooing I paint and draw pretty regularly.  I make a bunch of books and various merchandise with my art. I recently started branding my art under the name Overcast, but I’m not sure at the moment if I will keep the name or not. I also write and draw comics. check out haubscomix!

    How’d you get into your side hustle?

    I’ve been drawing forever but I started painting seriously around 2003ish.  I started showing in a few Los Angeles galleries that time, most of which are all gone now.  I also started doing conventions or local art markets around then.  All of those kept me producing new things pretty regularly, and I just kept doing it since then. 

    How do you find time to work on your side hustle after tattooing/drawing/running Social media and all the other tasks we have as tattooers? 

    I actively make time for it. I don’t go out that much anymore.  Nowadays I feel it’s all rolled into the job of being an independent  artist.  

    You think it’s important for tattooers to have other creative outlets?

    Yes, definitely.  So much growth comes from experimenting on your own.  

    Do you have a creative outlet that you’d rather not turn into a hustle? Something just for YOU that helps you escape or relax?

    Video games maybe? It’s not so creative but definitely takes my mind off work. haha.  I want to get into pottery again. I really enjoyed it in college and miss building things with my hands. 

    Do you have a bigger picture or a vision of where your side hustle could take you?

    I’d love to be able to paint/draw full time and tattoo on occasion. That’s my main goal these days. 

    Any Advice for Tattooers that are interested in building up a new SIDE HUSTLE?

    Do it! you won’t regret it. 


    Thanks Austin and the Maverick crew for the support! Thanks to everyone at Big Trouble and Nice Guy for the fun times and inspiration, and a big THANK YOU to my wife Jessie who is the absolute best. 

    Random knowledge drops/closing statements?

    Put down your phone and draw something!  

    How do we find your SIDE HUSTLE?

    Check my work at www.tomhaubrick.com  There’s links to everything I do there.

    Side Hustle x Krish Trece

    Side Hustle x Krish Trece


    We at Maverick are very excited to share with you our first featured artist with a Side Hustle. You may recall our featured Family Artist in July, Krish Trece. If you haven't… you gotta read it, you won’t be disappointed!

    You can find this awesome read in the link BLOG (a little shameless self promo).

    Krish wears many hats, not only a tattoo artist, Krish also creates Art prints, street photography, and abstract paintings just to name a few. Krish describes in their interview below when and how they began loving these forms of expression. Please keep reading to learn how Krish got into the side hustle gigs, advice for new tattooers getting into a side hustle, and some awesome shoutouts & quotes. 

    If you are interested in being entered to win one of these AMAZING prints made by Krish Trece, please head to our website to purchase a raffle ticket or click the link below.


    As mentioned in our previous post regarding the SIDE HUSTLE project, we are raffling off these AMAZING pieces. 


    Where do you tattoo? 

    I am currently working at 10 Thousand Foxes Tattoo, Brooklyn NY and when I get a chance to visit my home-town, I go to my beloved studio, Karbon Tattoo & Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

    What’s your SIDE HUSTLE?

    Art Prints! I first started my journey like many other tattoo artists down the illustration path. Here I discovered my passion for drawing, learnt about several art styles and materials I could work with. With time I discovered the art of tattooing and I finally found my calling! This being said, the tattoo industry and the art print movement have always gone hand in hand. It is something I have been doing since I started illustrating as a student and it eventually turned into my Side Hustle.

    How’d you get into your side hustle?

    I guess it became a true side hustle when I realized there was a demand for my artwork. It is usual practice to exchange prints between other tattoo artists you meet, admire, work with and so on. So it is common that you have your prints as a tattoo artist always available just in case! 

    The side hustle happened gradually, I started to realize I would run out of prints at conventions, my clients would start ordering my artwork more frequently and even commissioning custom pieces. My commissions were now not only for their skin, but for their living room! Then suddenly there was a demand not only from my tattoo clients but an actual clientele which was interested in my artwork specifically in print form. This blew my mind and I can't express how happy and grateful I am for all the support I have had, it means so much!

    How do you find time to work on your side hustle after tattooing/drawing/running social media and all the other tasks we have as tattooers? 

    I'm not going to lie, the time is hard to find BUT it's very important you take any moment you have available to do what makes you happy. Don't get me wrong, I love tattooing and it's my life - but it does take up most of my time, so what I decided to do is illustrate during my time off. When I go on vacation or have a couple of days that I'm completely free; that's when I take the time to illustrate. What sometimes happens with this is, it can take months for me to complete one single print - but it's totally worth it! It's a calming process that I truly enjoy and gives me a chance to complete my creative ideas and aspirations.

    You think it’s important for tattooers to have other creative outlets?

    I think it's important for any creative person to be curious. In my opinion, having another creative outlet definitely supplements your knowledge and work as a whole. I think what's important here is to be open to trying new creative forms, styles, crafts and materials. You may discover something new you love to do, improve your skills or even meld new techniques you have learned with your existing style. I truly believe that the key is to never stop learning.

    Do you have a creative outlet that you’d rather not turn into a hustle? Something just for YOU that helps you escape or relax?

    Yes! My two other passions would be street photography and painting abstract expressionism. I discovered my love for street photography when I started living here in NYC. I know this sounds cliché but this city is alive! It's hard not to capture such unique moments and people in this diverse, creative, sometimes slightly eccentric and special city. Every walk I take, I have the camera with me because you just never know! You can find something remarkable in every street you wander and there's definitely so much character and energy in people's simple daily activities. 

    My love for abstract expressionism painting came when I was exploring different creative outlets, it was strangely liberating. My mood shifted and I found true value in a completely different creative form as mine. These seem like such contrasting styles, I know! I have learned so much from abstract painting, I'm so grateful I gave it a chance!

    Do you have a bigger picture or a vision of where your side hustle could take you?

    I just want to have the opportunity to continue doing what I love to do, which is to continue creating. Tattooing is my life and having the opportunity to create art prints just makes the dream even better :)  To know that someone values and loves your art makes me extremely happy and grateful.

    Any Advice for Tattooers that are interested in building up a new SIDE HUSTLE?

    Give it a try! Although it feels like you won't find the time or it's too much hassle, don't doubt yourself. If you love what you are doing, it will definitely be worth it. There's a good possibility you'll feel happier and more fulfilled as a person so my advice is to go for it!


    This is perfect actually, because one of my favorite things I would do with my best friend was to spend our Sundays illustrating and working on prints together. I miss that time we used to spend together back in Madrid, so a big shout out to my 'sister from another mister' and also incredible artist: @mimi_tattoo!

    Inspirational or funny quotes?

    "Alway be yourself. Unless you can be a penguin. Then, ALWAYS BE A PENGUIN!" - The Internet.

    Random knowledge drops/closing statements?

    Just a HUGE and most sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has believed in me, given me a chance, trusted and valued my work. This "Side Hustle" and my work as a professional tattoo artist wouldn't have been possible without all of this - I'm truly grateful.

    How do we find your side hustle?

    Please feel free to head over to my Online Store on Big Cartel (www.krishtrece.bigcartel.com) to check out my latest art prints or follow me on @krishtattoo for more updates! Thank you so much!




    Maverick FAM- GUESS WHAT?

    We’re working on a new fun project over here called “SIDE HUSTLE”. You may have seen us calling out to the community via IG.

    Being A Tattooer Owned Business- Maverick Started out like most things… as an initial Side Hustle with Austin having a passion, strong interest, in expanding creatively and sharing more with the Artist Community.

    With Austin being an Artist (as all of you may relate) it's gravitated Maverick towards a new “Side Hustle”. Showcasing the amazing work that we come across within the Tattoo and broader Artist Community.  What people create and have to offer is something TRULY AMAZING, INSPIRING and just overall down right IMPRESSIVE.

    We wanted to have a lane to share some of our favorite Artists with extraordinary talent, sharing their gift with the world. These “GEMS” we have mined through Social Media, Word of Mouth, and coming across them as we journey through our every day lives.

    From machine building, painting, ceramics, and all sorts of other rad hustles, we’ve been reaching out to see who's who. 

    Here's how it works:

    Each month we will be teaming up with a selected talented artist to showcase their art through our Maverick Featured "Side Hustle" by purchasing a tangible item of their work. Whether it's a print, painting, pottery etc..we want it! 

    Each month on the Maverick Site/App you will be given the option to purchase a Raffle ticket OR you can find our raffle ticket listed as a featured product on the home page. At the end of the month Maverick will randomly pick a ticket and the winner will receive the amazing gift of that month’s chosen SIDE HUSTLE Artist. 

    Our hopes are to help educate, support and expose us to new artists and their talents.If you’d like to submit yourself or another talented artist, please email us megan@mavericktattoomercantile.com