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     Food. Art. Music.


    There is a connection, and a family that is created and contagious in artistic expression. 

    These artistic areas can be found in anything, but what often connects the divided is Food. Art. and Music. We all know how important and impactful these areas can be for our kids and our communities, improving our lives in ways only creativity in expression can. In an effort to keep these amazing programs alive and thriving, Maverick Supply Co. is committed to helping raise money for Schools, Non-Profits, and other Programs related to these areas. For EVERY box of sold cartridges through Maverick Tattoo Mercantile, $1 of each box will go to F.A.M. This fund gets donated by nomination from our customers and or sponsored artists to a chosen School, Individual, or Program and will be donated monthly, capped at $1000 per month.
    If you are interested in nominating a Teacher, School, Non-Profit, Club, or any Program related to Food, Art, or Music. Please submit an e-mail to Sales@mavericktattoomercantile.com with "Nomination" in the subject line. Tell us about the program, and how this helps your community or kids and you can be asked to accompany Maverick with presenting the donation!